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IMF calls for uniform crypto regulatory framework globally. Germany is the ‘most crypto-friendly country,’ says a recent report. Oman plans to allow…
Pakistan will soon make a decision on virtual asset regulations. Slovenia is set to introduce a flat tax on crypto transactions. Russia prohibits crypto…
EU passes KYC bill that stops anonymous crypto transactions. US lawmakers present ‘stablecoin transparency’ bill. UK plans to become crypto hub via…
Bank of England drafts crypto regulatory framework. EU committee to vote on rules against anonymous crypto transactions. India passes bill setting 30…
Lawmaker’s bill to stop US crypto exchanges from dealing with Russian wallets. Web3 is key to the future of China’s internet, says regulator.
EU votes against ban on Proof-of-Work crypto assets. Dubai approves first crypto regulation law.
Key Takeaways U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order about digital assets on Wednesday, to ensure responsible development of digital assets…
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